How many people have packed Messi or ron



  • alvchong
    943 posts Professional
    Packed UCL messi 95 in SBC, no Ronaldo and icon.
  • HardysPatch
    137 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Been playing since the invention of FUT, never packed either nor an icon
  • Sambaparadise
    77 posts Park Captain
    Messi 2012
    Ronaldo 2019
  • Henzz87
    290 posts Sunday League Hero
    I packed toty messi in fifa 17 (fifa points) then this year i packed nif cr7 in a mega pack and the a week later packed red inform fif cr7 from gold 2 lol (rtg).
  • MojoJojo
    209 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Fut founder.

    Never packed Messi or CR7.

    Never packed an icon (guaranteed icon SBCs aside).
  • Kove
    4013 posts National Call-Up
    edited June 20
    Tots CR7 never messi
  • Agasfy
    1307 posts Professional
    This year I have both untradable
    Toty Messi and tots Ronaldo
    2212 posts Fans' Favourite
    Messi twice, this year and fifa 15, Ronaldo twice this year, 94 and 99 tots :)
  • torakun
    1591 posts Play-Off Hero
    edited June 20
    Played "seriously" since 17, only packed once, which is on the WC mode. CR7. I packed neymar at least 3 times though, and last year it was the CL version too.

    nvr mind..

    EDIT: I forgot, I pulled Messi from league upgrade, the TOTS version too nonetheless.. how could I forget..
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  • Jim
    1374 posts Professional
    Played since FUT was a free game mode (FIFA 11?). Never packed Messi or CR7. Packed 1 icon (Neville) that entire time.
  • Ianonabeach2
    65 posts Park Captain
    Packed Messi earlier this year when he was about 800k. Packed his TOTS untradeable in upgrade SBC’s, my best ever pull.
    Never packed any version of Ronaldo on any Fifa.
  • Bananakick
    239 posts Sunday League Hero
    Last year packed tots Messi from the repeatable league sbc. Gutted they removed it and replace with some rubbish
  • Ftl
    223 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Zero. But packed nif and toty cr7 this year
  • DUserUP
    553 posts An Exciting Prospect
    think messi on world cup maybe fifa14? never in normal ut mode. i dont spend £££ tho ever so dont open many packs, from all payouts this year my pack luck as been ****
  • RascalinHere7
    2062 posts Fans' Favourite
    Been playing since the start of FUT and have only packed messi in FUT16
  • Nazgul
    557 posts An Exciting Prospect
    No Messi

    No Ronaldo

    No party
  • 2easym8
    245 posts Sunday League Hero
    No Messi, CR7, Neymar etc..
    No Icon either..

    Being playing for 6-7 years.. best pull was this year and it was SIF VVD.

    I don’t buy FP but I have opened a lot of packs for not much return..
  • PelzyWelzy
    9332 posts League Winner
    Batman442 wrote: »
    I packed an untradable UCL Messi this year, in 5 years of FUT it's the only time

    Exactly the same.
  • FinalMax
    59 posts Park Captain
    This year i packed an untradable nif CR7 and a 96 IF Messi.
    Last year a untradable TOTS Messi.
    From Fifa 11 to Fifa 17 nothing.
  • MazerM
    33 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Packed nif CR7 last year - in August.

    Started playing fifa midway through 18.
  • IncredibleK
    127 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Messi earlier this year, don't remember the pack but it was in Marquee Matchups
  • Th3DirtyPriest
    547 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I got a tradeable Ronaldo cr7 last year. I have never had packed an icon tho
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
    14247 posts Has That Special Something
    @CharlieC do you remember when I packed Messi
  • FCBlunt
    1971 posts Fans' Favourite
    Played since the beginning so 6-7 years... neither Messi or Ron or an icon or anyone worth over 100k 🥺🥺🥺

    Wait, what?

    Seriously? Damm.. I thought I had bad pack luck never getting icons or Messi’s.

    If I could, I would give you all my pack luck.
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