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What's your current attacking front line?



  • EisenErmin
    7069 posts Big Money Move
    Right now:

    TOTY CR7
    PIM Ronaldinho -- TOTY Modric -- TOTS Aguero
    EisenErmin wrote: »
    Right now:

    TOTY CR7
    PIM Ronaldinho -- TOTY Modric -- TOTS Aguero

    How is Aguero doing for you out-wide? I am currently playing Neymar toty on the left with Aguero TOTS in the middle. He is untradeable so it’s head to fit him in.

    Just trying the formation for the moment. Only 5 games so far and he is solid. But the 3 others are contributing more so far. Aguero TOTS is untradeable WL reward. As soon as i get the Icon Ronaldo SBC done, Aguero is either the central cam or benched. Or i might just use annother formation if my 4231 experiment goes the wrong way.
  • D Heleteli
    818 posts Semi-Pro
    FB Firmino
    TOTS Mane - TOTS Mertens - NIF CR7
  • BigPapiFifa89
    417 posts An Exciting Prospect
    PIM ADP Prime Eusebio TOTS Pepe
  • Boozad
    986 posts Professional
    IF CR7

    Prime Dinho Prime Gullit Prime Figo
  • GeTRiGhT
    9525 posts League Winner
    Amy combination of these.

  • legend6199
    471 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Otw cr7
    Tots reus prime eusebio tots auba

    With pim socrates, pim best, tots ibra all waiting to come off the bench haha
  • Bevlarrrr
    1072 posts Professional
    mway wrote: »
    3-5-2 so I consider both wings as forwards

    Alex Telles TOTS - Firmino FB - Son UCL - Shaqiri Scream

    3-5-2 here too....
    TOTS Kruse, TOTS Reus
    EOE Ribery, TOTGS Rodriguez, TOTS Hazard

    I’m also 352
    93 Eusebio on the left, 91 Pele on the right
    FB Bobby as the CAM
    CLM Florenzi RM, TOTS Robertson on the left, soon to be TOTS Mendy tho
  • bberger
    5175 posts Big Money Move
    McGeady - Collins - Abraham

    All I am doing since yesterday is abusing El Tornado and flick crosses to the backpost with some croquettas mixed in and some 40yd flick up volley screamers by random players.

    Unbeaten since about 16 games, straight from struggling in D3 trying to play actual football to D1 by mass abusing broken and unbalanced game mechanics.

    Good product EA..
  • young_volki
    246 posts Sunday League Hero
    Prime Dinho, Prime Ronaldo, Baby Pele
  • Markman007
    3067 posts National Call-Up
    I usually use a 4411, and I have 2 squads:

    Bundesliga squad:
    FB Muller
    EoE Ribery
    EoE Robben
    FS Havertz

    Serie A:

    IF CR7 (Gonna buy him soon, been using TOTS Zapata but am now selling him)
    TOTS El Sha
    TOTS Chiesa
    TOTS Quagliarella
  • Maluku-AK
    51 posts Park Captain
    Prime gullit - tots jovic - tots Felix - fs havertz.
    Subbing in tots onyekuru every match and moving gullit a line or 2 back depending if he's performing or not.

    Playing 442, 4231 or 5212.
  • Al_HFX
    304 posts Sunday League Hero
    TOTS Werner - TOTS Jovic upfront
    Prime Nedved on the left, Gnabry TOTS right
  • EekAlaska
    1671 posts Play-Off Hero
    TOTS Werner
    PM Cruyff, PM Maradona, TOTS Griezmann
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