Pogba gold, in forms, headliner

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I have around 700k so can afford the 91 rated card but not the headliner. Has only one used his gold, in forms and headliner and noticed a massive difference?

Stats wise I’ve never liked using in forms as I never notice the upgrade from the original gold card.

I know there are probably better value cards available but I want to use players i watch in real life even though someone like Aouar is probably much better/better value.


  • suxxio
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    Didn't like his nif but his 90 rated if was immense for me.
    So I think the 91 will be awesome
  • Bakudu76
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    Yes i did. Had the Headliner from the release and the difference was huge. Especially in terms of finishing physical and agility
  • MurkingFools
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    had the headliner gr8 card

    i sold him to change it up a bit, plus i have a feeling that a moments / futies or something of him might get released at some point n drop the headliner card but just a hunch of mine
  • Rendevous_star
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    Thanks all. Guess I’ll take a punt on the 91 first and try and trade up to the headliner
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