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I am a Div 1 player around 2100 skill points,

my main team is IF DDG, Doherty tots, VVD 2IF, Joe Gomez SBC, Alonso SBC, Figo moments, Prime Vieira, Moments Petit, Prime Nedved, Prime Burta, Moments Kluivert

I finish Gold 2 every week 18/19 wins. Which is same finish ive had all year regardless of the team ive had ......

Is it a mental thing when i get to my last couple of games?

is it my skill level?

Does my team need improving at this stage?

or is it that EA wont let me lol

Every weekend my last few games are ridiculous and my players seem to stop playing i lose every bounce etc....

any suggestions lads?


  • Orison
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    It's your skill, your team and your mental ability.

    If your team would be better you might be able to grind out 1-2 more wins despite your skill. If you were just better at the game you would also win more games no matter what your team was...
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