SBCs you regret not doing or missing? (Non icons)



  • NathanBFC94
    568 posts An Exciting Prospect
    De rossi for sure now, ended up completing PIM Del Piero and that de rossi would slot perfectly into my team.
  • SPN1987
    2102 posts Fans' Favourite
    FB Alex Sandro. Completely forgot to do him. I still play with his NIF card :/
  • bberger
    5165 posts Big Money Move
    Wasn't around for FB Zlatan and FB Tevez. Second one would be a nice link to my LATAM TOTS Squad, first one would have saved me around 1 Million and probably gotten me Elite Finishes and a secure place in D1 back then..

    Regret not doing:
    - EoE Howard
    - FB Nani
    - FB Rooney
    - UEL Premium Florenzi
  • arcadie
    104 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Poty vvd
  • MrMeesh
    27 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Lorenzo insigne TOTT
  • Bakudu76
    892 posts Semi-Pro
    Marcos alonso
  • YumYum
    482 posts An Exciting Prospect
    AbuNegus wrote: »
    David Luiz for sure

  • KurtyH
    210 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    David Luiz
  • RadamelFalcao9
    300 posts Sunday League Hero
    edited June 19
    FB David Villa and FB Pato.
  • Anti_Replay
    163 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    SBC Havert, TOTS lenglet, TOTS Casemiro, all still playin main squad
  • iRusty_yo
    3925 posts National Call-Up
    Ramos SBC
    FB Depay

    All three were my bargain cards obtained through spamming upgrade packs. Did them for cheap and are my main squad players
  • Numlocked_
    1662 posts Play-Off Hero
    I did the same but for R9. I packed litterally nothing from the packs but don't regret. Better 1 next level player than 35 untradeable bench options
  • Grown93
    3446 posts National Call-Up
    madwullie wrote: »
    EoaE Robben. Stupid not to do it. Love ribery and did goretzka. Robben would slot in nicely.

    Did they re-release any sbcs last year? I know they did it in 17

    They did. Not much of them though.
  • Kiido
    533 posts An Exciting Prospect
    David Luiz, if I remember correctly I finished POTM Rashford so I didn't bother with Luiz as he drained all my untradables
  • Relentless2k
    282 posts Sunday League Hero
    I regret doing Sol Campbell, he was so crap it was a joke. Moved like a truck and fell over easily and gave away stupid penalties. Ever since then I've done Dinho, Eusebio, Patrick Veira and Figo, Luis has been a great card for me really surprised actually.
  • gorillabear
    644 posts An Exciting Prospect
    De Rossi- i didn't have florenzi at the time, wouldve been a great link
    Rabiot- have the league SBC and wanted to upgrade but put off by cost
    Depay- could still do this one but have a feeling I wont want to put the last of my coins into an untradeable LW. Will prob regret not doing it. Will prob regret it if I do it also.
  • Gnomenclature
    3183 posts National Call-Up
    93 potm reus... never thought I'd ever run a bundes squad at the time. Fb de rossi would have been nice too.
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