Need some opinions (Mbappe)

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Alright, so I have a bundesliga tots squad with Havertz, Werner, Brandt, da Costa, Demirbay, Schulz, Sule, all tradable and it's a fun squad, Brandt and Havertz score boatloads of goals. But I did quite a few ligue 1 upgrades and pulled Di Maria, Silva, Thauvin, Marquinos, Bamba and did the Aouar sbc real cheap. Should I sell my bundesliga players and buy Mbappe and probably Mendy?
Anybody use tots Mbappe yet?
Thank you in advance for any responses.


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    I can only speak for TOTY MBAPPÉ, which is basically the same stats as TOTS. He is amazing! I use him on 10 chemistry with R7 RW 98 & TOTS Havertz. TOTY MBAPPÉ outshines both of them for me. I am Division 1/G2. MBAPPÉ scored 2 goals in my last DR game in a 5 to 3 loss. I play him about 50% (1st half) @ Striker & 50% CAM (2nd half). The thing that surprises me the most is his arial threat. He scores about the same of headers for me as C7, Havertz, & PIM Sócrates. Sometimes I just watch the replays after the game of him out jumping the likes VVD & Ramos. He jumps so high! His 99 pace seems way faster than Havertz 98 with Hawk, or CR7 with engine. If you can find a way to keep Havertz & buy MBAPPÉ that would be great.

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