This game is trash.



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    Traded in gold Marcelo for the TOTY yesterday, eagerly fired up rivals. Found myself up against the usual Nif team of Liverpool and City players and was 3 0 down in Fifteen minutes with all my players moving through treacle.

    All the excitment at finally having Marcelo vanished instantly, and Five minutes later I was looking through the game catalogue for something else to play.

  • Paquetesousa
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    Sm0key_J0e wrote: »
    I know this feeling too well, last week I had finished R96 and added him in my team for TOTS Ben Yedder and got worse results in WL. Surely not Ronaldos fault, he has more goals than games after 100 matches.
    But the players around him seemed to make more mistakes than usual , like R10 and Pele , not to start with my defence..
    Since yesterday Its going well for me again, last 10 Rivals games I won 8 , only loss was against a Gold Team lol.

    I think you will also need some time to "adapt" to the new Messi lol eventhough its not the same situation, I can still relate though.
    Same with UCL 95 Ramos vs 91 Ramos I had before. At first my Defence was better with the 91 Ramos and now since the gameplay is good again, my defence is very stable with the 95 Ramos.
    I think its all a matter of good or bad gameplay

    It's all a matter of where EA wants to put you in their algorithms.
    It has nothing to do with you or your team.

    This, i stopped playing as soon as i figured this out. The team you have after 8-9 months will play no different to the team you had on release day depending on EA's 'Dynamic Difficulty'. And whether its in your favour or not.

    Imagine wasting all your weekends playing WL when your rank is determined before you even pick the controller up.
    All the hard work, time and god forbid even money spent to make 0 difference to your team.

    This is, by far, and without a single doubt the worst fifa EA ever produced. They even admitted it by saying something along the lines of: “we can’t fix fifa 19. All we can do is try to make fifa 20 better” (which translates to:”another big fat finger in your ****, dummies”)
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