Has anyone even got any useable players from the Guaranteed SBCs?


  • gorillabear
    452 posts Sunday League Hero
    Son, Gomez, Bruno Fernandes, Atal were my pulls. 3 out of 4 ain’t bad!
  • Kiido
    373 posts Sunday League Hero
    Nope, all bad players. Some higher rated but still bad
  • kraid
    1947 posts Play-Off Hero
    silva from prem was good, then:
    sule (junk)
    witsel (not a fan)
    rafa (ok sub)
    djene (junk)
    sirigu (put sirigu into the sbc, got sirigu out)
    atal (junk)
    onana (junk)

    used silva for a few games but basically all have been useless for me.
  • Pattebennekou
    1376 posts Professional
    Got Mendy today and Wijnaldum from EPL. Nothing great beside those 2
  • Ben
    3253 posts National Call-Up
    iRusty_yo wrote: »
    Judge for yourself:

    MC - can’t remember (so rubbish)
    EPL - Laporte
    Bundesliga - Trapp
    La Liga - Parejo
    Serie A - Quags
    Ligue 1 - Cavani

    That’s actually really good.
  • SinkXI
    749 posts Semi-Pro
    Bernardo silva and Ben yedder
  • Moe_86
    735 posts Semi-Pro
    I guess I was lucky to get Sancho / Cavani /ederson /Sarabia /piatek
  • Diggy
    13360 posts Has That Special Something
    Yes they have all been useable as SBC fodder
  • Cantonal7l
    796 posts Professional
    My luck has been absolutely shocking, so far I've had:

    Most Consistent- Bergwijn
    Saudi- Al Zubaidi
    Liga Nos- Felipe
    Bundesliga- Sommer
    Super Lig- Epooreanu
    La Liga- Djene
    Serie A- Sirigu
    Ligue 1- Maignan
    Latin TOTS- Cardona

    The only one who I actually give a pass mark to is Sirigu and tbh, I preferred OTW Allison.

    I know it's all down to luck, but come on EA, the pack weight is appalling!!!

    Same here pal. You’re not the only one.
  • v4vendetta1978
    2778 posts Fans' Favourite
    All my blues have been trash the only red I use is TAA zapata is my next best all other reds and gk +++ and high rated went into gullit , best and Eusebio and now vieira
  • D0lvl
    1180 posts Professional
    Militao, Mendy, and Gomez for me
  • FrankFrank
    1867 posts Play-Off Hero
    Dumfries / Mendy
  • Dazzler179
    1060 posts Professional
    EFL: Norwood (Worst available rating)
    MC: Stones (meh)
    Saudi: 83 Lb (Worst available rating)
    EPL: Fernandinho (Good but not great)
    NOS: Almeida (meh)
    Bund: Halstenberg (meh)
    Super Lig: Kaldirm (worst available rating)
    La Liga: Hermoso (worst available rating)
    Eredivisie: Onana (2nd worst available rating and the 6th time I packed him untradable)
    Serie A: Correa (meh 2nd lowerst rating available)
    Latam: Opazo (2nd worst available rating)
    Ligue 1: Khazri (Worst available rating).

    Only good player I've had is Fernandinho.

    Had the worst player available 5 times and the second worst 3 times. Weights are ridiculous especially when the SBC's are so expensive. But alas I've posted several times how EA's greed has sucked all the fun out of the game.
  • Keepthechange
    1608 posts Play-Off Hero
    Most Consistent- Felipe
    Saudi- Al Buraik
    Liga Nos- Bruno Fernandes
    Bundesliga- Kostic
    Super Lig- Gunok
    La Liga- Sarabia
    Serie A- Gomez
    Ligue 1- Maignan
    Latin TOTS- Paredes

    Gomez and Bruno Fernandes are the only useable ones, mostly disappointing but at least I got a 500K player.
  • RileyD
    132 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Got Bernardo Silva and Pique in my starting lineup and I use Sissoko off the bench.

    I quite liked Kostic too but he was out when I pulled Pique.

    Didn't bother with Serie A or Ligue 1
  • ozcs_69
    2951 posts National Call-Up
    LiamSully wrote: »
    Emre Can

    So I’ve had some decent pulls

    you`re the man lol
  • joehuk
    2985 posts National Call-Up
    Gomez from serieA rest have gone into sbcs....
  • JT_cfc
    254 posts Sunday League Hero
    Most Consistent- Roussilon
    EFL- Some 81 rated crap
    Saudi- Some 83 rated crap
    PL- Aguero
    Liga Nos- Greek GK
    Bundesliga- Sancho
    Super Lig- Visca
    La Liga- Parejo
    Serie A- Mancini
    Eredivise- The 87 crap CAM
    Ligue 1- Thauvin
    Latin TOTS- 85 CAM

    Aguero & Sancho are definitely wins, but all the rest are crap. All SBC fodders.
  • GT500
    217 posts Sunday League Hero
    Alba and Alisson made my team but nothing extraordinary. Everyone else has been sbc fodder or a goalie.
  • Saiber_Summia
    539 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I had as best pull BSilva, that after 10 matches gained a perennial place on the bench as -despite everybody consider this card very good- cannot be even by far compared to my TOTY KDB...

    The rest was just material for sbc, including laporte. In general, cards always above 90 rating, but completely useless for my squad.
  • Wooly1203
    2321 posts Fans' Favourite
    Dembele was my only usable card. The rest were recycled in SBCs. My pulls have been abysmal this year
  • Carter90
    42 posts Park Captain
    Ben yedder and Robertson are probably my 2 best. Got Thauvin last night, could have been worse. Will try him out properly tonight to see if he will replace mbappe.
  • iRusty_yo
    3840 posts National Call-Up
    Ben wrote: »
    iRusty_yo wrote: »
    Judge for yourself:

    MC - can’t remember (so rubbish)
    EPL - Laporte
    Bundesliga - Trapp
    La Liga - Parejo
    Serie A - Quags
    Ligue 1 - Cavani

    That’s actually really good.

    Doesn’t feel like it 🤷‍♂️
  • Vix14
    255 posts Sunday League Hero
    EisenErmin wrote: »
    Got Dembele (spain) and Lacazette(england), the rest was poor.

    That's very noice though
  • BlackFridayRule
    323 posts Sunday League Hero
    Mostly crap. But lacazette is good. And i built a team around joao felix and guzman (cm) from the liga nos tots and latam tots. That team is really fun to play with.

    Other decent pulls... Alderwiereld, whom i actually use. Trapp and veratti for sbcs.
  • Th3DirtyPriest
    512 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Laporte and ederson
  • Arsence
    143 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Stewuk73 wrote: »
    Best card I got was Sarabia who to be fair is really decent.

    The rest I am using for PIM Vieira. 3 steps to go 😀

    The SBC is just Icon Vieira, not PIM... Incase you want PIM and though that's what you are getting :D
  • Arsence
    143 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Got Trent from the BPL one and he has been in my team since. Rest have been SBC fodder.
  • makkan00
    427 posts Sunday League Hero
    Bernardo Silva
    Iago Aspas

    As you can see few of them are useful.
    Quagriella, Aspas And Correa cards are very good. Rest are meh!
  • spy
    261 posts Sunday League Hero
    Only decent one I have got was Alexander-Arnold and then got him in the red pick too :(
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