98 CR7 or Prime R9

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so with the ultimate TOTS no doubt coming up, I have 5.7million.

I could probably afford 98 CR7 - all coins gone or do Prime R9 for 3m - after using SBC fodder for 89 icon, 88 Icon I have 2 Icons sitting around so

I currently use moment Cruyff CAM, Prime Eusebio at ST.

I'm trying to work out best Work rates/Striker for those 2 when i use Gomez TOTS as ST Cruyff seems alive, but eusebio is nowhere, if i put Red zapata, Eusebio comes alive, cruyff is still dangerous just not as much lol probably tin foil hat crap but eh

I do feel maybe a M/M might work, so i have 3 different W/R's as front 3 M/M, H/M, H/L

now if i complete R9 on Thursday I'll have a decentish pack opening for Friday and still 2.5m left over.

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