Upgrade pack results

What are your results?
Did only 15 regular Ligue 1 upgrades and 1 81+. No blue. Didn't expect much.
Also, how much would you pay to do these packs?


  • Dizstruction
    26 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Did about five of each no blue. I expected much much more lol. Last year was amazing for upgrade packs this tots has been very disappointing for me.
  • Gingerboaby83
    319 posts Sunday League Hero
    I did about 100 Serie a ones and got 1 tots player and that was Fabian. Wasn’t best pleased but it’s your luck lol
  • Hi_RiP
    4 posts Ball Boy
    I actually pulled 3 tots from the 81+ in less than 20: verratti, savanier and benitez, only verratti made the bench and the other will be for sbc, if they ever decide to add more that is
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