I wish it was more fun

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So imagine playing a draft and gameplay was smooth. For example single player draft. You score fun goals with a 194 rating draft and rewards would be like a mega pack and a jumbo premium gold pack that for me would be paradise fun. However single player draft give very rubbish rewards and online draft is just delay and rebounds after rebounds with stupid goals. I know people like challenging games but I play ultimate difficulty and with insane fun and beautiful goals with sick rewards is just insane. Imagine how fun it would be. The first time I played ultimate team I got so excited cause of the introduction and how fun it was but then I got sick of it. single player draft trash rewards. Play online and get some rubbish gameplay you literally have to be a sweat which I understand cause its an online draft and one loss you wasted 15k but you could be lucky and pack something sick. But trash rewards = more money for EA. It's how life and EA works. I just wish it was much more fun. Thank you for making the game though. I just wonder if EA watch rage Fifa 19 compilations where people say bad stuff about the game and how much they hate it.
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