FIFA 20 Boots Thread

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Since someone asked @TeamExtreme17 why he hasn't made a ''BOOTS'' thread, like i did the last year (after the other owner of this thread got lost''joke'') i'm gonna continue to FIFA 20.

Just a quick reminder, try to be gentle, and dont spam the moderators/community managers/etc every single post.

Now, getting into the thread, i want to ask something too.

What do we know at the moment about licences? There will be new Nike Boots over the months (Like older FIFA's) or there will be only 1 pack like last year, then only single pairs ?

What about boots in PC? Last year you managed to get the first Catalogue Boots in the game(On launch) but after that, you didn't introduce any of the new one(Untill the WOMEN WC DLC) but even after that, they were only some of them, not all of them, like you did with consoles.


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