Post your ligue 1 upgrade pulls here!


  • Claret_n_blue_blood
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    Tboon wrote: »
    Last 4 packs, 4 times Fabregas :o

    Lol I did one got fab
  • Cheesyballs1970
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    edited June 2019
    Got so far Thauvin and that 88ST



    Plus Fekir, Balotelli Rabiot and that German CM
  • Darfi02
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    Got Maignan in a normal one can't get them in 81+
  • bjornini
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    Done around 20 regular upgrades atm (to get rare players)

    Packed Buffon and TOTS Atal already
  • Sambaparadise
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    30, khazri..
  • Oweyman
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    Did 12 of the 81+ and 15 of the 3 player packs and got nothing higher than 83. Managed to get Balotelli in each of my first 3! :D
  • Anti_Replay
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    Not even bother do one, price of league 1 in PC version is stupidly high.
  • Darkwing1708
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    Done 20 normal. No tots. 5 81+ and 3 tots
  • Retro_G
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    Got 2 straight away. 93 Benitez, 88 Khazri. Done about 6, some quality SBC fodder. It's good that's only 70 chem, you can throw a few goal keepers in.

  • PiotrLolo
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    Payet 84, Marcelo 81, Falcao 85, Strootman 83, Luiz Gustavo 83, Rabiot 83

    so much "fun"
  • Mmandras
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    Did 1 81+ and got Mendes. Perfect fit for my brasilian squad.
  • iRusty_yo
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    I had spent 200k and had load of rares ready.

    Did like 20 81+

    TOTS Verratti
    TOTS St x2 French dude

    In the process have completed 3/5 of Depay ^^ pretty happy and I just listed my useless rares for 4K each and that was 25 of them. So I should get near 100k back
  • steeple
    463 posts Sunday League Hero
    Did 3 and nothing
  • MUFC_420
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    My club is bare of rare and common golds below 80 rated. Cleaned it out last week for the Serie A upgrades in hope of CR7. Done around 8 81+ and 60 of the other ones and got TOTS Fabian, IF Orban, Alderweireld, Veratti, Lacazette and some 84s and 83s. Not a great return but my luck never is that great 😂
  • Galayn
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    did 7 regular, TOTS Delort

    2 81+: Ruffier x 2
  • Th3DirtyPriest
    1205 posts Professional
    I got tots veratti and normal falcao from the non rare sbc with 40 chem from 6 packs and i just realize I put my gold squads into the bloody normal sbc instead of the 81+
  • Darfi02
    3524 posts National Call-Up
    Benitez from the 81+ now
  • EekAlaska
    3138 posts National Call-Up
    Did about 15, got Fekir and Rabiot twice, Lopez, 93 Argentina TOTS GK and TOTS Lala who is perfect because RB is the one position I didn't have a top player in. Just means I have to play 95 Ramos and FB Sandro at 8 chem each but everyone else is on 10 Chem.
  • Batman442
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    Done one and got this, done another and got nothing so I'm out, might do one or two of the 81+ on Thursday after I get my rewards.

  • PiotrLolo
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    PiotrLolo wrote: »
    Payet 84, Marcelo 81, Falcao 85, Strootman 83, Luiz Gustavo 83, Rabiot 83

    so much "fun"

    Strootman 83, Lecomte 82, Subasić 83, TOTS Khazri 88

    Ok, a progress. But it's the 3rd TOTS when I pack the worst player from upgrade. Hermoso from LaLiga, Lazzari from Serie A (I grinded this upgrade like mad and at least I got 2 other players later), now Khazri from Uber Eats TOTS.

    I'm out of low rated players. Now I will try normal upgrades.
  • Pocketsquareguy
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    I did maybe 4 81 plus and 10 of the regular. Got Benitez from regular and thauvin from 81+.
  • nitraw
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    lopes in the first

    falcao and cesc in the 2nd

    and thats a wrap on these
  • jorgend
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    Did 3, got Cavani 95 in the second one!
  • Psyclon13
    403 posts Sunday League Hero
    Got Benitez and Savanier from 13 packs, went directly into Aouar.
  • Guvnor
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    Did 12 standard upgrade packs , verrati , Benitez and mendes one after another! 😳.
  • FreddieKane
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    did 2, first one was Glik and Subasic and 2nd was Bamba and the French GK.
  • shepj6
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    27 x 81+ got me me this:

    7 x TOTS (Di Maria x 2, Veratti, Khazri, Mendez, Maignan, Benitez)
    2 x 85
    9 x 84
    (Subasic appeared in 1 in 3 packs...)

    Wasn't looking good until the last 7 packs when 4 Tots showed up (including Di maria twice in last 2, so at least that's the TOTS card for tomorrows ligue 1 guaranteed sbc sorted).

    I might have just about broken even vs the TOTS values by just selling the cards I used (on PC cards probably going for an average of 3k now), bought them for around 1-1.5k last week.
  • Nelmser
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    edited June 2019
    Opened 10 of the 81+ and haven’t got a single blue.

    Every other guy getting a drop rate of 1 in 2, or even 2 in the same pack. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ hate this game man, my luck sucks.
  • PiotrLolo
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    6x premium:
    Payet 84, Marcelo 81, Falcao 85, Strootman 83, Luiz Gustavo 83, Rabiot 83, Strootman 83, Lecomte 82, Subasić 83, TOTS Khazri 88, Falcao 85, Glik 83

    11x normal:
    Mandanda 83, Balotelli 83, TOTS Maignan 89, Mandanda 83, Gradel 78, Mandanda 83, Marcelo 81, Tatarusanu 80, Ndombele 80, Ben Arfa 79, Konate 76

    It's getting worse with every upgrade. Decided to buy two more Maignans and do Pires SBC.
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