FUT Fairness

posts Ball Boy
Yeah it's great that i turn on my ps4 to play some fut and enjoy my day then, yeah i play vs 90 rated teams with a 77 rated team. Like how does that in any logical way make sense? What can i actually do against a team that's so much better than my team? I barely have 11 players while the other guy has TOTS and IF players. In division 5. Fix it EA, stop being lazy.


  • PG13
    426 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Fix what? Lol it's meant to match you with ppl on your skill rating not to do with your team rating, he cant be that good anyway if he has 90 rated team in div 5
  • maksi
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    Why would ever upgrade the team if you would always get low rated teams and you get the same rewards?
  • maksi
    6594 posts Big Money Move
    If you want "fair" matchmaking play H2H Seasons.
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