Is it Futties next? Copa America promo?

Ultimate Tots next to bring us to the end of June.... And then? Yes FIFA 20 is on the horizon but I'm just curious.


  • Supermario911
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    copa america will have some promo

    then futties i think

    then its a wrap.. the process starts again building your ultimate team lol

    Feels like a waste of time spending all this effort in building the team for fifa 19, then it all becomes usless again

  • klaas9
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  • truegunn3r
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    The beginning of Fifa is the most fun part when everyone’s in a building process. Now it’s just gone boring
  • Markman007
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    klaas9 wrote: »

    That was a World Cup promo last year. It wouldn’t make much sense because there isn’t a ‘festival of football’ this summer. But for sure there will be some other promo before Futties.
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