Anyone else get the feeling when the ai wants to win, you might as well give up

I've played this game a bit now, at first i thought i was crap and tried to get better and it did improve. But its to the point where i think ive got a good handle on the game but I can't help but feel that the match is decided already.

Games where the cpu is perfect from the start, you can feel it in the first 5 minutes wherever the cpu wants to win or not, and 99% of the time they do, its like nothing you do matters.


  • glynnerm
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    Just got to be extremely clinical in front of goal, hit the corners of the goal, anything straight at the keeper will be saved. defend like mad, plus you will notice that these are the games when if challenging for thee title the teams around you will be dropping points so difficulty tends to go up. but every game is their to be won!
  • frankibo
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    This is spot on, if the AI wants to score it can whenever it wants. Follow the logic and you also only score whenever the AI let's you... I've never played any game in any genre that feels so contrived, the AI is so overbearing. Rather than being individual elements controlled by the AI with players stats and tactics playing a big part it feels like a mush that the AI has total control over. Which in reality does make sense. We can only control one player at a time, the AI has to control the other 21 so of course it has a huge impact on gameplay.
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