Help getting Elite 3

Does anyone have any tip on how to get to Elite 3? My team ingame is: 433(4) Ederson, Arnold, Laporte, Felipe, Telles, Demirbay LCM, Prime Vieria RCM, Ben Yedder 8Chem, Bernardo Silva RW, Havertz ST, Bruno Fernandez 8 chem LW. Everything but the cms on default. Cms on cover center and stay back. Sometimes the team performs amazing and sometimes they are ****. Bench. Fernandinho, Ibra FB, Messi Gold, Dumfries Tots, Mbabu. extra 900K for changes. PC. Bruno, Laporte, Ederson and Felipe are also tradeable.
I finish gold 2-1 after always losing way too many games on the secong half of the WL. Any advice?


  • DanValletta
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    You just need to improve at the game. If you are getting g2 finishes you are not even anywhere near E3. That team with those tactics and that formation is easily capable of G1. It is possible to improve your results though, by making a few tweaks.

    I suggest you find what works for you. Experiment with customs tactics. Look at the work rates of players. They matter more than you realise.

    Have fullbacks on stay back with 433(4) as it's very attacking. You probably concede from counters a lot I imagine? As good as laporte and Felipe are they are way too slow for that formation.

    Make some tweaks and let me know how you get on.
  • Str8hii
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    Move to Netherland no other way
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