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Underrated CBs?

702 posts An Exciting Prospect
With 90% of the community using some combination of VVD/Ramos/David Luiz, who are some 'underrated' or below the radar CBs that you guys use?


  • RileyD
    1080 posts Professional
    TOTS Pique
  • Markman007
    3177 posts National Call-Up
    TOTS Izzo. Better for me than either TOTS Koulibaly or Chiellini.
  • Mmandras
    2894 posts Fans' Favourite
    84 Jesus is still good. The ball hits him often.
  • Danielb
    901 posts Professional
    TOTS Tah.
  • sheffutd87
    3383 posts National Call-Up
    edited June 2019
    TOTS Pique and sbc Godin have been a great partnership for me so far.

    They’re both absolute walls.

    Pique is as tall as VVD reasonably good stats, similar in some areas
  • bberger
    5175 posts Big Money Move
    edited June 2019
    SWAP Juan Jesus. Still makes my starting 11 and I don't understand why that is.
  • Rossco160715
    2155 posts Fans' Favourite
    I love using Blanc and Rio. They pair up well and Alonso and Dumfries at full back prevent the constant el tornado assisted back post headers. I haven’t lost one yet since buying tots Dumfries.
  • IAIK7
    3481 posts National Call-Up
    edited June 2019
    Don't use them now but, futswap Jesus and nif Manolas were really good for me.
  • FreddieKane
    702 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Good to hear about Pique! And yeah I still use Swap Jesus in my second team and he even confirmed I didn't need TOTS Koulibaly..
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