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I have a lot of concerns about fifa 20 hope some of you will agree. Firstly this stupid 5v5 thing sounds crap to me I cannot think of anything worse than being in a cage or a street venue trying to do stupid f***king skills it sounds boring. I don’t mean to be a spoil sport but fifa 19 was awful and EA are papering over cracks with this lame 😒 concept, it is fifa old days and the reason it was gotten rid of is because it was ****, pandering to the masses ermmm I break it down. So you have scenario where 5 vs 5 happens or whatever the match number may be you gonna have all the f***ks that hog the ball currently able to do it in a game mode. It sounds a bad idea to I hate this idea of EA’s. Launch of a game should be improvements from fifa 18 and 19 both games were so poor. I love career mode I want serious improvements in this format tired of it being forgotten about this season of fifa 20 must keep gamers happy and I feel offline being left behind. Ever since fifa ultimate team the fifa mode has declined, The journey oh man what a waste of resources it is pointless where’s the interest all players talk about is fifa career mode and fifa pro clubs. But EA keep ramming this half interesting stuff in the game I’m sick of it I feel for the first time in all the series if the game doesn’t please my needs I’m off to pes 2020 there launch looks amazing. They are really stepping up this year I really hope fifa does to or I’m gonna keep my money. PS EA give us new leagues and new international teams India Slovenia South Africa please we can do better can’t we open that EA Purse and spend it on real improvements. And not just trashy 5 vs 5 street crap hate it hate it hate 😤👊
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