Apart from the obvious ones... Ligue 1 looks very average!

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In terms of stats some 90+ rated played look very average.

But in general, TOTS promo in itself has been shocking!


  • joehuk
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    it's not been great, and i'm glad I can just 'chill' this WL I honestly don't care what I get... mbappe and neymar only ones that interest me, chances of me getting them as red 0.000000000000000000001%

  • Boysie91
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    Agree glad I didn't save my packs even though I didn't pack anything lol
  • oldboiler
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    Yes, I get to use Ninga again for the SB Ligue one and 70 squad rating objective B)
  • IAIK7
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    Ligue 1 is a very average league though.
  • Hamzy_LFC
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    Ever ROTW I mean look at Quintero guys 78!rated with 60 stamina GTFOH hahah honestly I’ve seen him play and he can last a lot longer then most players.

    Then you have these useless 90+ rated players in ligue 1 like Fonte and Verrati look so average it’s unreal.

    Again apart from the usual Bryant, mbappe and Pepe they’re all average.

    Also I wanted to point out the Mena looks absolutely brilliant the only card worth getting and under 200k has similar stats to Pepe who’s going for 1.2 millions.
  • Hamzy_LFC
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    IAIK7 wrote: »
    Ligue 1 is a very average league though.

    It is but compare this years TOTS to FIFA 18 there’s a big difference in quality of the cards in terms of IGS.

    Bundesliga is also average too. But look the the cards they brought out the stats are monstrous lol da Costa, Werner, Brandt, Havertz, lewandowski etc

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