Anyone tried TOTS Schulz at CDM?

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How is he?


  • Dave2829
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    I dunno bout Shultz but I moved Brandt to st n he's a beast
  • squado15
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    I have shultz from red picks
    I subbed him on at 70th minute at cdm for my 86 Vieira and he can chase the balls never seen before he
    Finds himself in a good position too but cant really score that much
  • CustardHippo
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    Not as a CDM but if chasing a game I change to 3412 and play him LM, he is actually very good as a wide outlet and pops up with the odd goal now and again getting in behind the full back. Has a fair few assists too off balls into the box. Doesn't win many headers but then I knew that already as he is my regular LB. Would imagine he does OK as a CDM late game, especially if the opponent has just subbed on a ton of pacey attackers.
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