I want fut server in Korea



  • SR8
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    EA, Pyongyang needs a server.
  • Coldform
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    As you already knew it, KR market is very valuable in E-sports field. Also FUT19 sales in KR(incl. pack sales) is not smaller than other countries. WHY aren’t you guys setting up KR FUT SERVER?!?!?!
  • Royboy
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    Lol I grew up in Korea but don’t people in Korea play fifa online instead of fut or fifa on console??
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    Thank you very much for your decision to apply for FIFA 20 Korean after a long time.
    If Korean servers are supported additionally, I think I can enjoy a pleasant game.
  • asas900
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    I agree
  • hohades
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    I do not have a Korean server, so I play games in pain every day. We need a server. If a server is created, the user will be 100 times larger.
  • hjerry
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    we need Korean server
  • rjsgh726
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    Every time I try to play Online Match, it is too laggy to play the game without trouble.

    I really want Korean Server for a better playing environment.

    If you really care for the users and the server, PLEASE make Korean Server for Korean users !!!!

    Thank you.
  • 썽마이
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    Hi. FIFA i'm korean What I'm trying to say is, We Koreans desperately want to have a FIFA server in Korea.
    I assure you. you can get a lot of money, popularity, and so on when the Korean server opens in Korea.
    and Korean users who do not know English when they play games are too hard to play.
    Please open a Korean server in Korea. I beg you very much.
  • scirocco727
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    Koreans and Chinese players are big coin buyers in the asian server, big No to them.
  • JHyeon
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    When a Korean server is opened, I will spend more money.
  • Viper1
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    Korea FUT server Please

    : )
  • subbb
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    All I want is fifa 20 to have:

    south korea server please..
  • Airman
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    Please an extension for KOREA FUT SERVER.
  • KYSO
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    Hello! EA
    I live in South Korea but i didn't enjoy ultimate team.
    Why? There is no Korea server. So i connect other country's server but IT'S TOO SLOW.
    PLEASE CREATE KOREA SERVER. If you guys create server i happy for that. thanks
  • henny120
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    TY TY EA.

    Korea FUT server Please plz
  • J4EW0N
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    Korea FUT server Plz!
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    JHyeon wrote: »
    When a Korean server is opened, I will spend more money.

  • songpro
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    We need Korea FUT server plz !!
  • CK4795
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    If i were to decide id make sure that there wont be a korean server for the next 10 years just to annoy you people as you annoy me with this stupid thread
  • D0CTOR
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    We want korea server
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    Hi fifa20

    I live in Korea

    But We don't have fut game server...
    Give us game server
  • Hi fifa

    I live in England

    Please can I get a Korea server

    Give us server
  • Please make Korea server!!!
  • HarryKein
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    Make FUT korean server great again
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