I want fut server in Korea


  • cwyzero
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    Korea FUT server Please !
  • cwyzero
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    Korea FUT server Please !
  • koraaa
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    Korea FUT server Please
  • G_SEC
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    Korean FUT server Plz
  • sgs5759
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    selb wrote: »
    All these new profiles joining at around the same time, either you Koreans are very organised or you're spamming new accounts, I know which one I suspect
    I don't live in Korea. But this thread is amazing and I need to pay respects.

    Please EA, FUT servers in Korea!

    "The bad seeds FC", Thank you. We really appreciate it.

    People think we are spamming this community with fake accounts. But this thread is full of new accounts because Koreans do not use this community in the first place.

    We are actually encouraging korean players from our own community to come to this thread and sign up to leave a comment.

    We just want our situation to be seen and acknowledged by EA.

    A lot of them do not speak English fluently which is why they are leaving only a sentence of "Korean server for FiFA20".

    Please do not think of this thread as spam or as a worthless act of annoyance. This is our rightful act as a consumer/FIFA fan. Please understand our struggle and support us.

    Thank you

    Thank you, You are totally right.
    Thanks for explainning our situation
    감사해요 ㅠㅠ
  • Churhos
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    Korea FUT server is needed!! I saw the news EA added Korean Language in FIFA20. I’m pretty sure more New user is coming for New Fifa game!!
  • plz korean server
  • if EA place KR server, I'll purchase ult.edition
  • we need korean server TT give us plz TT
  • KOR_CR7
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    Korea FUT server Please !Korea FUT server Please ! You can earn a lot of money.
  • Arron xox
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    We need a server in the uk more
  • Korea FUT server Please !Korea FUT server Please !
  • Unitar
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    Korea FUT server Please !Korea FUT server Please !
  • ROKAF645
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    EA's FIFA Series are very nice football game.

    so KOREAN love that game.

    but KOREAN have angered about FUT Network states.

    KOREAN have recieved deadly panalties from FUT's high ping.

    these accur to slow reaction, poor passing, weakness shooting, low speed, stifling dribble, stupid AI movement
    and torpor set piece.

    so many many korean fury that FIFA ultimate team server not exists in korea.

    FIFA 19's FUT is the worst network environment for korean.

    i want to play game at equal FUT networks latency with japanese and hong kong er.

    plz make FUT 20's transmission server for KOREA.

  • Richie827
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    Grasshopper Alert.
  • Korea sever please!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • alex1987
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    North or South?
  • bjornini
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    alex1987 wrote: »
    North or South?

    North of course
  • IxToMxI
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    This thread has had me in stitches :D
  • kkjfd
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    I want to open a Korean server strongly

    There are many FIFA users in Korea. If you can make Hangul
    It will help you create many users.
  • selb
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    I wonder what the ratio is between UK players and Korean players 🤔
  • bberger
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    I wonder how long it takes for our Asian friends to realize all EA cares about is money?

    We don't even have a proper server (yes singular, one) in Europe....
  • Richie827
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    FIFA online serie is already dominating the Korean market.EA won't spend extra money to build a new server for consoles.PM somone working for EA would be a better choice than demonstrating here.

    FIFA sever upgrade is demanding everywhere,not just Korea RP.It's more or less EA's decision whether or not to invest money in not our call.

  • Sami
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    Yes give the North Koreans a server. Come on EA.
  • Hyunjin
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    Hi EA sports
    I play FIFA since 1998 french world cup edition, I really enjoy to play this game.
    Korean users really want Korean server.
    Give us Korean server.
  • kkmmss1
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    Korea sever please!!!!!
  • ChuMing
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    한국 서버 제발!!
  • Oback
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    There is currently no fun online football game in Korea. So if you open a Korean server and decide to translate Korean and make a high quality soccer game, I think FIFA 20 can catch many Korean users. Many soccer fans in Korea are now thirsty for interesting soccer online games.
  • kingDrogbaaaa
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    I live in the UK and would love a Korean server please ✌🏻
  • Plz !! I want to open FIFA Korea server. Have a nice day
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