433(4) CM's Pair

I was using demirbay Tots and Fernandinho Tots but since i completed the Vieira sbc and substituted Dem for Vieira the team started to play worse. Any advice on which chem to use on Vieira or how to play with him on 433(4)?.


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    In that formation, I'd like my LCM and RCM to be box to box players, capable at everything.

    Players I like in those positions: Nedved, Carniball Talisca, TOTS Wijnaldum, Seedorf, Witsel etc. You get the idea, all very good all rounders.

    Big Patrick isn't built for driving runs, or dribbling the ball through tight situations. He's 3* 3* which isn't ideal for players required to get forward either.

    As a lone CDM, he'd be my first pick, for a wide CM or ahead, I'd choose hundreds of players over him.
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