I got TOTS Correa. Looks ok. Any one tried? Using?

Any reviews or opinions welcome thanks.


  • Sterve
    562 posts An Exciting Prospect
    He is decent but in competitive games his low composure will let you down imo.
  • The_WC
    493 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I thought he would be good 6 foot 2 but have you seen his jumping and heading. It's terrible put me off I will try as super sub though
  • Tylermkey
    258 posts Sunday League Hero
    Very low sample size, but just played two games (D1) and he has 4 goals. As mentioned above he can’t jump, so don’t expect him to win any headers. Finished well, thought he moved ok for 6’2 and good strength.
  • OZero
    4958 posts Big Money Move
    Too clunky. Nice pace and strength though
  • Maddez
    42 posts Last Pick at the Park
    OZero wrote: »
    Too clunky. Nice pace and strength though

  • Pocketsquareguy
    4827 posts Big Money Move
    Took his red also. Wouldn’t make my starting 11 even if all his problem areas were good. But I’ll definitely try him as a sub this weekend.
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