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There are some absolutely useless cards in packs that literally hold no value other than their discard value. This year, it’s the Brazilian League coaching item and there are NO BRAZILIAN LEAGUE PLAYERS! A few years back it was injury cards where no players ever got what’s the point of these cards? They're literally useless.


  • Pack fillers
  • ppeetteerr11
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    Pack fillers

    I’m ok with pack fillers if they can be used at any point, even if it’s once throughout the year. But those cards have no use but to discard. They shouldn’t be in the game from the first place. It’s cheating on EA’s part imo
  • MaddMike3711
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    They originally announced that the Brasileirão was going to be back this year, although without the likes of Corinthians since they have a PES deal.
    They probably just forgot to take them back out of packs.

    Also, there are actually a few cards from that league on the market, it’s players who were playing in licensed leagues then transferred there. There’s 4 or 5 iirc.

    I really wish they would get it back, my Brazilian team Goiás is back in the top division and I would love to make a silver squad with them. :D
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