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    The mentality from Most on here is exactly why EA won’t change. Write games off before you even give them an opportunity


    I'll continue to write PES off, until they get dedicated servers. Anyone who is good at PES will tell you the same, the game is unplayable at the top level online due to lag cheating.

    So is fifa to a degree, maybe not as bad but how is one sided delay any different?

    You can't void cheat your way out of a loss on Fifa, like you can on PES. The majority of top 100 players on PES are all cheating bellends who download torrents when they're getting beat and lag the match out.

    Same as everytime someone scores first in a online singles match for an objective then

    No it's not the same, you will be winning, they will lag the game out, you don't get the win. The game doesn't count.

    How is that different from what's happening in Fifa? I have been winning games in fifa that was glitched to not be counted or given the win either, even drawing games weren't counted when they glitched it just before the match ended as well. Get "dnf" or kicked to main menu in Fifa & not any of the other games including PES, in my personal experience.

    Don't be blinded by your bias. Fifa is a mess for a few years now & most of the threads are complaints on this forum. Sbcs incorrectly inputted only to be removed without notice, servers going down ever so often, game patches that breaks the game further in other areas, etc etc. YES PES is no competition for FIFA but in PES if the is an update or patch or anything involving the online gaming experience, we get ever so often compensation in gamer points & IMO apart from the UI & licensing in PES, it is overall better game play & simulator of football than this arcade mess Fifa has become & is as well as being more rewarding in terms of time invested without putting any cash into it apart from the purchasing of the game itself.

    I am not saying PES is better or worse BUT stop being bias to FIFAs ineptitude of recognizing the issues the customers have year in & year out with the unfinished product they keep releasing which has to be patched numerous times a year only to make it worse after each update.

    I probably won't even buy Fifa this year, skipped Fifa 15, Fifa 16 completely. I know Fifa is a mess, but as bad as Fifa is, it's still years ahead of PES in many areas. I rarely experience what you're complaining about, apart form servers going down, that's the norm for every online game. PES has maintenance once every week.

    What's the point in playing an online mode, when it becomes unplayable after you reach a certain skill rating? When you hit a high skill rating in PES, the game becomes unplayable and the majority of games are voided.

    It's 2019, PES still doesn't have dedicated servers, they've had more than a decade to address the cheating and they couldn't be arsed to fix it, but they expect you to put microtransactions into an online mode that's fundamentally broken?

    I know lots of people are fed up with EA's bs, lies, myself included, but don't fool yourself into thinking PES will be your white knight. PES has even more issues than Fifa and that's the truth.
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    Same S*** different year PES will always be PES for me !
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    Same S*** different year PES will always be PES for me !

    Once again explain how that’s different to Fifa
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    park ji sung, batistuta, becks , totti, iniesta

    PES have got the real icons :love:

    just for park and beckham i'm tempted.

    wouldn't mind playing it if the myclub or w.e it's called version of FUT was a long grind and not done after a couple of months like it seemed.
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    They’re probs gonna have pro clubs. Shame there turned into ea 2.0
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    My club is rubbish.

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    My club is rubbish.

    we know arsenal are rubbish @ccooaattssyy
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    My club is rubbish.

    we know arsenal are rubbish @ccooaattssyy

    Guilty as charged
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    park ji sung, batistuta, becks , totti, iniesta

    PES have got the real icons :love:

    just for park and beckham i'm tempted.

    wouldn't mind playing it if the myclub or w.e it's called version of FUT was a long grind and not done after a couple of months like it seemed.

    same, would love park and becks on Fifa. Would go straight into my team
  • When it comes to football simulation games, FIFA has been dwarfing Pro Evolution Soccer in terms of sales and reviews for more than a decade. However, each year, the plucky underdog manages to claw itself a little closer to their wealthier rivals. Could this be the year Konami finally catches up

    PES 2020, or eSports Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 yo give it its incredibly long title, has already been released - but FIFA 20 isn't due to drop until later in the month.

    But plenty of reviewers have been piling in with their thoughts on the demos.

    Pro Evolution Soccer has always beaten FIFA when it comes to gameplay, and this year is no different. FIFA has stayed true to its more arcadey style, where tricks, flicks and overall pace play a huge factor in the outcome of the game - which makes it more accessible for new players.

    This year FIFA has introduced 'Football Intelligence' which has created more realistic movement for all players on the pitch. There's also been improvements to strafe dribbling, controller tackling, set pieces and composed Finishing.

    PES 2020 has improved on their more realistic approach to gameplay. As well as an all new camera angle which makes you feel like you're actually watching a live game, the new Finesse Dribble system gives flair players like Messi an extra edge as they can now shimmy their way past defenders like never before.

    This comes in handy as the defensive A.I has been dramatically improved, making it harder to score a goal, yet it never feels unfair. Perhaps the most noticeable improvement to PES 19 players will be a gameplay element called 'miss-kicks' which adds player errors which would happen in real life. This massively reduced the ability to use ping-pong passing and makes you consider you actions more carefully.

    Gamesradar's verdict is: "For the most part, eFootball PES 2020 offers up a faithful replication of the beautiful game. It's easily the most realistic and immersive PES to date, at least offline, with new features such as the 'Stadium' camera and various gameplay enhancements proving key additions."


    FIFA has always been the better looking of the football sims, that is, until now. PES have been upping their game each year, and now they've even managed to pip EA to the post in some of their player models. Recently, Konami announced that it had partnered with some of the biggest football teams in the world including Juventus, Manchester United and Barcelona.

    This doesn't just mean that they've now got their official team names, crests and kits though as a statement on their website reads:

    "In addition, the development team has been granted in-depth access to the players themselves, via full-body 3D scan, in order to recreate their likeliness in the game as accurately as possible."

    There are some players that haven't been scanned yet, which still look much better in FIFA, but the distance between the two has now been closed.


    FIFA has always had a much bigger selection of licenses, which is a major reason as to why they always sell more. Some players just don't want to play as Man Red in the Trad Brick stadium, and that's fair enough. After Pro Evo lost the rights to the Champions League to FIFA, many people assume they'd be dead and buried.

    However, this year PES has fought back, stealing the exclusive rights to Juventus from EA Sports, and also gaining the rights for Euro 2020. FIFA still wins this category hands down.


    In attempt to freshen up the franchise, EA Sports have introduced FIFA Street-esque VOLTA mode in FIFA 20.

    EA describes it as, "a brand-new style of gameplay grounded in football realism which immerses players in the flow of the street with new tools including simplified flicks and skill moves, new flair animations, or using the wall as a teammate."

    Players will be able to play three vs three Rush (no GKs), four vs four, four vs four rush, five vs five and professional futsal.

    PES doesn't seem to have any new modes to note, however, it has made massive improvements to the offline Master League mode, including cut scenes, manager models and improved transfers.

    So Which is Best? FIFA 20 or PES 2020?

    Without a doubt, FIFA 20 will sell more copies than PES 2020, however this is the closest PES has come so far to convincing people to jump ship. If you love Ultimate Team and the arcade feel of FIFA then you don't have any reason to switch, as it'll be vastly superior online.

    But if you want a chance of pace however and want to enjoy a more  tactical experience, then PES is more than worth a look in.

    A game of two halves? Absolutely. And probably one that's set for extra time and maybe even penalties.

    If you want to buy either FIFA 20 or PES 2020 here are some links:

    FIFA 20:

    FIFA 20 (PS4) https://amzn.to/2Nf3y2E

    FIFA 20 (Xbox) https://amzn.to/2LVj5Sa

    FIFA 20 Champions Edition PS4 https://amzn.to/2Q7jtlD

    FIFA 20 Champions Edition Xbox https://amzn.to/2AcNCVU

    FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition PS4/Xbox https://amzn.to/31n5DN6

    PES 2020:

    PES 2020 (PS4) https://amzn.to/2Lw3s4s

    PES 2020 (Xbox) https://amzn.to/2Luk0K3
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    Still Codemasters need to wake up we need a Football game Ok they make racing games now but just bring back LMA Manager it's been 12 years ! Imagine what the game would be like now :D

  • The football on pes is on a different level. My goals from last night on pes.
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    The football on pes is on a different level. My goals from last night on pes.

    It really is so rewarding to play, you have to think about every action and I've not enjoyed a football game this much in a long time. Some of the build up play and goals are so fun and satisfying.
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