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This is serious, EA.
You think you solved the problem 'online leaver playes' trough ''analising matches'' to decide who won or who loose (the leaver) in Seasons Online when the other player leaves? Not, EA.

You should start banning players that leaves matches, constantly, when you score one or two goals. Its ridicoulous. Those players are wasting our time. Its true that at least we will have an easy win if someone leaves, but there is no fun.
You should take seriously this situation with online frecuent match leavers, and start to bann. Of course, you should analise if its a connection problem or a intentionally leave. For example with a ''leaver record'' of the player or something. Games like Leage of Legends or Blizzard games have this. Maybe its not soo difficult to fix it.

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    Yes they should get analised
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    Yeah...sure... maybe players are nervous because of the way EA change the balance during a game, just to make you lose...
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