Need help with my team! 2 missing spots and 3.6mil...

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I've been chopping and changing my team a lot lately and lost quite a lot of coins because of it. I want to try and settle on something so I open to suggestions. Link is:

I switch to 41212 (narrow) in game, so basically I need a striker to play alongside FB Ibra and a CAM. I don't want to use Eusebio / CR7 as I am bored of them (used them extensively already, want to try other players).

All of my team is untradeable and I am happy with every single one of them, only possible swap outs are Ederson and FB Ibra. Happy to play players on 7/8 chem, as long as overall chem stays 100.

so far, thinking ToTS Suarez (Pique must have a strong link for 8 chem) and then an icon for max 1.7mil. Or, Sarabia CDM (move to CAM) and R94 at ST?

any other suggestions?
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