Zlatan/Max 80 Squads

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Would anyone like to share how they built their FB Zlatan/Max 80 squads?


  • Bags
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    i put an icon next to Zlatan (Butra) and filled the rest with random Italians and bronze benched to get 80 rated. Put Zlatan at CAM and Butra up front and only played the <70 rated squads. Played them on WC level and did the lot in a few games over the weekend including getting that 87 rated Italian CAM (who i then used to do the online 3 goals objective)
  • Ecr8on
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    I had a front three of Zlatan PM Henry and Prime Gullit in a 352 and filled in the rest with cheap epl and la Liga golds and bronze benched it. Did the trick on legendary cause I find it easier than WC
  • Bigfootisblurry
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  • KinggHuss
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    Just bronze bench
  • FinalMax
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    3 objectives, 1 squad


  • DannySTFC
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    Only done one game so far against a bronze team with a LB in goal, 6-0.

    Been bringing Josef Martinez on immediately to do both objectives, got all 6 assists with him or Ibra + 1 world class win.
  • RayS
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    Mine wouldn't help u bc it's filled with hipster SBC only MLS guys
  • tatadwader
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    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    I decided to go with this. It's 80-rated with a bronze bench.


    Also, for the record, Wondo has a freaking rocket of a right leg.

    Excellent nostalgia from the USMNT glory days of Jurgen and the 2014 World Cup.

  • ikillionaire ii
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    Toronto Giovinco is a God send. Sells for max but makes life easy.
    Managed 8 assists with him in one game, just waiting on another low squad
  • Headshrinker363
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    Bronze bench all the way.
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