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Can't wait to get my third Onana tonight! Edit: I got my third Onana.

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Today we get the Eredivisie tots sbc. There are some really nice players like De Ligt, De Jong, Dumfries.

With my horrible packluck so far, I'm definitely sure I will get my third Onana. First his objective, MC sbc and this time Eredivisie sbc...?

Maybe if I really really lucky I will get Angelino or El Khayati.

What do you expect tonight?

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  • Gnomenclature
    4896 posts Big Money Move
    I've had a goalkeeper in EVERY garaunteed sbc so far... I'm almost positive I'll also be discarding a duplicate onana...
  • Edward220967
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    Got Trapp, Banega, Acuna, Visca and Petros so far (didn't do PL, EFL and MC). Won't be expecting much but i'm hoping for a PSV player since i'll be buying them anyways.
  • Retro_G
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    I usually do good in the small league SBC, it's the big league SBC that I get rubbish. It would be really difficult to fit any of these cards in my team, the only one I'd bother changing my team for is De Ligt. Every other card will be SBC fodder.
  • Chavez76
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    i'd be happy with De Ligt, De Jong, Dumfries and v Persie I guess, but I also fear the duplicate Onana or El Khayati from Den Haag
  • sido1968
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    I seem to get anyone I've packed but not packed a Dutch league blue yet. All set for Quagriarella on Tuesday tho but that's where my streak will end as he is actually worth a few coins.
  • Tboon
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    Its not even funny anymore....just got my third Onana.

    Thursday nr 4 and 5 with the player picks? What a game, unbelievable.
  • Dudemaster_c1
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    Onana - what’s my name?
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