How is TOTS Lewa?

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I wasn't impressed by the 94.

Is the tots that much better?


  • EekAlaska
    1592 posts Play-Off Hero
    I would like to give him a go too but only chance of that is if he plumets in UTOTS
  • Gainzy
    995 posts Professional
    Played him in a 442 alongside R96 for a weekend. Preferred UCL Ronaldo, who at the time was 1 million coins cheaper.
  • cjmiz
    251 posts Sunday League Hero
    Best striker I’ve used so far in the game got me 25 goals in 19 matches and I’ve only used him in FUT Champs so far. He’s very agile and pacey for his height, wins most headers and an added bonus is 4* WF/SM. Most chances you take with him will result in a goal, he’s very clinical!
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