TOTS Casemiro

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I could probably do this card pretty cheaply has anyone done him how does he feel?

I currently have untradable prime patrick V but I've had nothing but issues with him, his gung ho play style I can't get used to and wouldn't mind seeing if he's the cause for my decline of late especially when it comes to defending he never seems to be where I want him when i select him to defend really regret trading in ballack to be fair.


  • Stewie26
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    Casemiro is good but he has nothing on prime Patrick Viera
  • MurkingFools
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    the 90 league sbc Casemiro was not that good

    currently got Tots Busquets in there for now plus i have to option to change him at some point too

    i haven't and wouldn't recommend to do it
  • Headshrinker363
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    I’m playing TOTS Casemiro next to Prime Vieira 4-4-2(2) and have to say, I’m really liking him, compliments big Pat brilliantly. They’re very similar except Casemiro likes to stay further back.

    He replaced Kante for me. His passing, strength and composure feel a massive upgrade over Kante. Originally did him to link with 95 Ramos, who I wasn’t really liking at the time, thinking if I didn’t work out they’d go into my fitness team. Casemiro is going nowhere though, really liking him.
  • joehuk
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    Yeah not sure I will. Im just finding prime pat v so strange not like he was last year was so happy to get the big 6ft 4 cdm... actually he's wanting to play cam most of the time.

    @Headshrinker363 Well he would replace Patrick.

    I already have gullit / goretzka as CMs been playing 41212.

    When i tried 442 with gullit and Patrick V it didn't end well not like Ballack and gullit.
  • Clanceypants
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    I think he’s great
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