Remove the spam in FIFA 20, please.

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Please EA,

We can’t have another year of spamming La Croquetas, ping pong passing, first time shots, kickoff goals and broken stuff like that.

It must not happen to FIFA 20!

We all want a football game where football is being played as the beautiful game it is.

Please remove the things in FIFA 20 that can be abused like the things above.
Please make sure no passes, shots, skill moves or anything else can be used as an exploit in FIFA 20.

We are thousands of people who wanna help making the gameplay better. So let us test if certain things can be abused, before FIFA 20 is released. Please EA, not another year like 19.

Like this if you agree FIFA fans!


  • Rossi1000
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    But first remove the skill caps and results being dictated for us to help the player level ability

    Build a game that if you master you are truly getting good at it

    Currently due to so much in game interference I can’t tell if my win streak is because I’m doing well or it’s due to in-game dictating everything for me and my opponent 🤣
    Was that last minute winner because my players wanted it more or because fifa decided it for me 🤷‍♂️🤔

  • Rossi1000
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    I’d also like ea to start adding better content new generic stadiums and add more leagues instead of losing them to pes
    All that doe being made from FUT needs to be spent more wisely instead of blowing it on hookers and lollipops down at ea headquarters !
  • Richie827
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    Amateurs and casual gamers want to feel like winning too.People feel like winning they will pay.Thus EA's sale will be boosted.That's why the game is so assisted in order to achieve that goal.
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