Unfair Playing Conditions

Writing this as someone who’s been in Div 1 for seasons for every next gen Fifa on 360 and XB1 I’m just shocked and appalled on the physics that have been applied since the patch in March. This game is unplayable and it’s the only game I enjoy playing.

1. In 2 months I’ve yet to play a game without delay for my every command. This always leads to terrible touches that give away the ball.

2. Taking the ball from my opponent feels impossible. Either I’m completely unable to put a body on them and get turnt by a simple cut or I tackle it right back to my opponent in a more favorable position than last.

3. 1 v 1’s are all but pointless **** I’ll hit post or shot high or wide from point blank range. Every other shot is blocked by their AI.

4. I’ve lost sooo many games 4-3,5-2,8-2 where my opponent scored on every shot. These shots aren't realistic either but I’ve come to expect it.

All the way my AI are playing like mindless drones who won’t adhere to the tactics I actually set. Seasons is supposed to have the most simulation styled physics in all of the
modes... why suddenly make it like FUT with all the error.


  • Brydobhoy
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    Seens to be when you come up against a noob that their shots seem to go in more.

    I never lose 1-0 2-0
    If I lose its always 4-3 5-4 and having triple the amount of shots and far superior possession.
    Very rarely do I cone up against an opponent who has a record as good as mine and when I do and lose I can accept it however I never will when someone has won 200 and lost 180 and are able to score 3 goals into me with 3 shots.
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