No Career Mode News Today #RIPFifa

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He confirmed there WILL be updates, but not today. Which means little to announce so just minor incremental updates as usual..


  • p0larh4wk
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    so in truth, no real updates just the same boring old broken game in new clothing. Career mode will be just the same with all it's flaws and bugs and EA will try to pass it off as an updated version.

    Games will still collide so you end up playing 4 games in one week or even 2 games in one day.
    It won't be possibly to expand the stadium or change ticket prices,
    no improvement to training or youth facilities
    we won't have more exciting leagues to play from
    the transfer system will still be broken
    etc, etc...

    yeah. you can keep your broken **** game EA. I'd rather die in fire than give you my money
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