• solnasolna08
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  • Keano
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    Unless it's in FUT it'll die out quickly.. & it'll be very boring & different to the nostalgia people have of Fifa street.

    Fifa street was doing insaneskills with players & enjoying the Nike advert (for those that remember) in it. This game will be sweat, sweat & sweat if online... & if it's offline it'll die in 2-3 days once the story mode is completed.

    If this is one of their new features that they're going to be bragging about then I don't have much hope for fifa 20, adding in something people have said about 3-4 years ago (before the competitive drive from EA) isn't something that'll push sales up or get the userbase on side. It's just another "look at this cool shiny thing that has no use/relevance to anything".
  • RebelRob
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    If this is online, it’s going to be sweatier that a fat man in a sauna playing weekend league.
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