Striker Dilemma

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Basically I have striker/cam wise

Tradable Cr7
Tradable R94
Untradable Pim Cruyff
untradable Prime Eusebio

now I was running with Eusebio and R94 & Cruyff CAM upto 11 wins in WL and I noticed something just wasn't right with the strike partnership.

So i had 1.46m coins (PC) and thought sod it buying Cr7 bought him 'freshish' and lo and behold I go on and win 6 games in a row him scoring most goals something about this card is just.

now I have 3k coins to my name lol

now if i keep R94 and CR7 it means dropping Eusebio altogether which tbh is not something I want to do considering the cost of his SBC.

if others were in this postion what would you do

Cash in on R94 - bought for 3m hes now nearly 4m and just use Eusebio and Cr7

or just think sod the coins and Bench Eusebio


the team Ignore positions everyone all sorts of strange positions as I was trying all combos

If i sell R94 I can improve else where not sure where though.

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