When is EA going mend this broken game???

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I’ve been playing Fifa for a good few years now an this one has caused me so much stress an anger!!! I know a lot of people have heard this all before but my main concern is the fact that I’m not improving on this game at all, I redeem for every WL an get between 14 an 17 wins every single time an can’t get out of div 4 an when I do get near div 3 then I get beat 18 times in a row. This is going to sound sad but I have a couple of hours every single day playing just in the hope EA give me a bit of pack luck but it never happens. My mate played 2 rival games last week an packed an TOTS!!! How does that happen??? People packing icons out of bronze packs (unless there lying) it seems that I’m in a bracket where I won’t get anymore wins an my skill rating is set to certain level. I’d love to know who designs the gameplay cause I play football myself an the things that certain players do in game just baffles me, the runs they make, decision making the list goes on. I don’t mind getting beat by someone who is literally better at the game then me but when you can feel the game turning on it’s head when you’ve peppered his goal an hit the bar 4 times in a row during a goal line scramble is an absolute joke!! I really enjoy a good game of Fifa when it’s just me against the other person an not me against the full game, his Dad, brother an uncle


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