Best time to buy TOTS?

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When over the last few weeks has been the best time to pick up TOTS at their lowest? Been waiting for Serie A so haven't noticed any of the trends.


  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
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    Monday morning when people offload after WL
  • truegunn3r
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    Monday straight after WL. Also it’s better to buy the active TOTS.
  • Ben
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    Wednesday for me
  • Mc
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    Friday night
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    Cheers lads, only looking to pick up Izzo, Donna and Fabian so pretty low end. Izzo was 240k, Donna 190k and Fabian was about 180k. Any price predictions for those 3 to settle at?
  • suxxio
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    Will settle at 50k in September so hold on
  • RadamelFalcao9
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    Depends on what players...

    GK’s, some midfielders and defenders go low on thursdays after rewards. As people open their rewards and get player picks.
  • Roobar
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    If you're going to play weekend league grab them now and use them. That's what I've been doing, keeps it fun, on some players I've lost money when I did sell and some I've made, so trends hard to predict either way
  • spy
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    My buying of TOTS players hasn’t been very successful as most of those I have bought have gone down whereas others have gone up massively e.g. Van Dijk has gone up from around 1m when it was released to almost 1.6m now! The only one I have got that has gone up a lot is Alexander-Arnold who is now close to 800k compared to 550k the first week -unfortunately I have two (a red and a blue) but both untradeable :(
  • Sterve
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    After rewards or guaranteed tots pack release for the low end ones you are after
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    Mc wrote: »
    Friday night
    suxxio wrote: »
    Will settle at 50k in September so hold on

    Top banter boys.

    Cheers to those that replied, appreciated!
  • Khangaskhan17
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    I’ll let you know when I buy. Don’t buy that day and you won’t lose coins :sweat_smile:
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