Ultimate team packs

Why is it that you work hard on Ultimate Team and spend loads of time playing many games to earn packs or you spend your hard earned money to buy packs after you have already paid $130 for the game to find that every time you open your pack that your rare's are always consumables. Its bad enough that the game always evens things up no matter what mode you play, or the fact that CB's develop The Flash like speed to catch the quickest strikers, or that when you make a tackle or give a nudge you end up yellow carded with a free kick whilst the opposition can become a WWE superstar on the pitch and your lucky if he gets told off. I have played this game since they first came out and buy it every year without fail but I am going to start playing PES 2019 as just bought for $19.99 and get 2020 as over being ripped off and frustrated.


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