WL struggles.

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Long story short.

Went 10-2 relativity easy 2 games I lost clearly to the better player.

Long part:

Now all of a sudden I can't buy a win just lost 2 in a row then quit Third at 0-0 everything just feels off am I missing some here when it comes to silver 1 and higher ??? Before tots I was comfortably gold 2/1 now I'm getting hammered left right and centre trying to get gold 3.

My defense is all over the place, I can't pass to save my life, shots none stopped blocked or saved.

Turned it off for the night will try again tomorrow but really is fustrating that my players go from.being smooth responsive to sluggish snails.

I do feel I'm not good enough to beat contain, drop back, team press you name it against other players, even tho i can beat legendary 5+ every game who play very similar to most players online.


  • HardysPatch
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    Happens to be every week mate, I call it the mid section...literally cant do anything, and the opponent score easy goals! Its blatant (think of a band who sing "breakeven")
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