Small problem with squads

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Hey, I want to use the default squads for a new career mode but it seems that it’s locked onto the updated squad. I have changed the career mode setting to initial and reset squad in the team sheets menu, and yet it still stays on the updated squads. Any ideas?


  • Exactly the same is happening with me and I cannot do anything about it. I've tried everything but no matter what I do I can't get default squads on FIFA 19 for PC.
  • Same Problem here, since the latest update. Before that everything was fine. Tried reinstalling, updating, deleting every saved data & game. Nothing works...
  • Yess12
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    For some odd reason, when you start a new career mode it automatically downloads the latest squads. In order to use custom squads or the default squad you have to disconnect from the EA Server or take you console/pc offline before starting a career mode.
  • wait, so not connecting to the servers is a fix? Because I tried that on my console (xbox) and it didn’t work.
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