MOTM Neuer vs TOTS Trapp

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Both keepers has 99 everything with Basic applied. Trapp has 65 speed versus Neuer 55.

Rushes out of goal
Comes for crosses

Long throw
Rushes out of goal
Comes for crosses

Who would you pick? I'm leaning towards MOTM Neuer.


  • Carlos181
    3772 posts National Call-Up

    Had TOTS trapp untradeable, and used him over my NIF Neuer to try him out. Trapp has just too many weird mistakes.
  • Delboy13710
    4676 posts National Call-Up
    I actually preferred Tots Trapp to NIF Neuer had them both Untradeable . Neuer distribution is brilliant but everything just went straight through him . Trapp seemed solid

    Now I have Ter Stegen who is so bad maybe the worst keeper I've used lol
  • Markman007
    2617 posts Fans' Favourite
    Neuer’s long throw trait alone would be a deciding factor. It’s so useful for starting counter attacks.
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