Base R9 help

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Just started using base Ronaldo (R9) and feel that I am not getting the best out of him.

I have been playing him in a front 2 at ST, alongside 87 Giroud. The thinking is, playing him as the pacey striker alongside a decent passing target man. Unfortunately this ain't really working. Could be me but not sure?

Anyways any of guys got any pointers / advice on how to get the best out of this guy


  • Stoz
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    Whack hawk on him it’s improves his physical side along with pace and shooting. I play him as a lone striker in a 451 and he’s scored 140 goals in 150 odd matches. He’s been great for me
  • Dochter
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    Cheers. Don't think I've got any chem on him at the moment
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