The most absurd penalty

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I've conceded some ridiculous penalties, but this one takes the cake. There is something seriously wrong with the collision detection system.


  • spbuckmaster
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    Seems about right.

    Happens way to often.
  • JoeLloyd
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    i had one in WL two weeks ago.

    Opposition played in a cross from the left, was heading towards the back post with a player running into volley it. My LB was chasing the player coming in at the back post, so as the ball was coming over i pressed LB to switch to my LB and make a slide/block as he hit it on the volley. This works and the ball goes out for a corner.

    Next thing my opposition has a penalty because when i pressed LB the game chose a CB instead of my LB, i pressed X and pole-axed somebody in the box, getting him sent off in the process. So the whole LB making a perfect slide/block was all down to AI Defending.

    I love this game.
  • oneskyworld
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    I got a penalty where the striker was tripped on my goal keeper body after my gk perry the ball out of him foot.
    I can't stand the bs follow up calls after the shot is already done.
  • forearms
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    I had this dive awarded a penalty last year in a squad battles match
  • Psyclon13
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    This just happened in Rivals. I'm having so much fun.
    If it's not clear, mine is the team in red.

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