Witsel TOTS

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Yes boys hAve about 700 K to upgrade a bundesliga / prem hybrid .

Currently 470 K on market . Worth the coins ? Will be playing defensive mid in a 4-2-3-1


  • Nogin182
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    Ya he's solid. Its tough choice between him and Emre can for my team currently. Not sure what to do. Used both, Emre is everywhere breaking up play. but witsel has a bit more playmaking to him.
  • GeorgeGervin
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    I still have his 87 OTW and he’s solid so I am sure his TOTS is only a step up or two from that
  • cartyHUNTER
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    I have him and I recommend him 100%. I use a shadow Chem and he has completely revolutionised the defensive side of my game. He is essentially a big strong fast bully. He is second to none of all the ball winners I have used - great at recycling play.

    Also a good presence in the box for corners. Only downside really is his shooting.

    As long as you are not expecting a goal return of more than 1 in 5 he will definately do a great job.
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