brief review of a few TOTS I packed yesterday

Mr. Soper
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Santi Cazorla- great passing, about it. runs out of gas very quickly. a bit weak for the midfield too

Jesus Navas- Actually very good. amazing speed and dribbling, ball just sticks to his feet, if you like fullbacks that can be a dangerous in offense give hime a try.

Parejo- Strange player. big guy so breaks things up, with good control and shooting, and passing. Scored a few long shots with him that surprised me. tracing back though he sloooooow...

Since these are that players we will be packing with our picks thought Id give a heads. Add yours


  • Jrutts
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    I was looking for suarez reviews yesterday but couldn’t find much, although it goes without saying his stats are insane I’ve now played about 20 games with him and he’s scored nearly double the goals, only weak point I can see is his 3* maybe? Seems more or less good at the lot tho!
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