Defensive balance with pressure

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It's amazing how fifa has arcades moments. You can not make a defensive balance with compression by pressing. I think, therefore, the absurd amount of goals, aiming to win over younger players, who do not understand simulation. I adapted various tactical schemes and got something like real life putting the whole custom tactic next to 1, in the fifa 18, however, in the tactical scheme 433, it can not at all. When we put the defender on the left, for example, to raise the attack, when we take against attack by the right, one of the defensive midfields will cover the left side, even the right throw, which leads to the compression breakdown and prevents us from getting a high pressure on the loss of possession of the ball and is one of the reasons that leads, in the charges of lateral throw, the team that defends is spaced instead of being all next to the sector of the pitch, pressing. , which, in order to achieve, we would need some adjustments of the EA in the configuration of the game and put, we, the crossing aspect above the finalization, in the personalized tactics, observe the video below:

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