Hit Rock Bottom. Prime Pele, Div 5 and a (second) plea for help.....



  • lukey200
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    the more icons i have the more the team do not do what i want - i feel for ya - maybe just start getting rid
  • BayernBru
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    Glad to see you had a better time playing this weekend. Just remember though that you will still concede nonsense goals and you will still get destroyed in some games, no matter how much you improve, so don't get too down beat if you go through some rough patches. It happens to us all.

    Now it's all about practise. It'll take time but you'll eventually get used to playing in this new style and in turn you'll become more confident and things will start feeling more natural. It's not going to happen overnight though.

    You said previously about your strikers feeling isolated in the 433 variations, I understand that as I had the same problems when playing in those formations. Also I felt they were too open defensively. So I changed it up and started playing with the 4411 and since then I've not looked back. The CF stops the striker feeling isolated and having RMs&LMs over RWs&LWs helps provide better shape from a defensive point of view in the midfield. Feel this could really benefit you. There's a dedicated 4411 thread on this forum, that'll offer you great insight in to the formation, if you fancy going down that route. I'm also more than happy to answer any questions you might have about it.

    Either way I'll happily give you a few games to see if I can give you some feedback/ advice. I'm no world beater of a player but I've been in a similar place to you and have managed to push through it. I had never been a big weekend league player before this fifa and started off this fifa as a Gold 3 player. Eventually I managed to get myself in a position where I could push myself to Gold 2, while now I can hit Gold 2 comfortably and push (with a lot of stress and effort) to reach Gold 1.

    Drop me a message with your gamertag and I'll add you if you want.
  • @Salvatori - I read your original thread and all your issues are what I regularly have, I tend to look at camera angles, my button setup, changing formations constantly to try and achieve some consistency. One minute i'm great, the next back to being woeful.

    If you are on steam drop me a message, I'm sure we could offer some advice to each other. andybtsn
  • TheFirstKlutz
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    Feel your pain. Went from 1400 to 592 now in not so long time. This happened after some nice improvements to the team (so I thought). But still enjoying how strange it may sound. Good luck man.
  • Salvatori
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    @BayernBru Cheers for that man and sorry i didnt respond quicker - will fire you a message now. I did try the 4411 a while ago, i might try it again as an alternate shape for when the 433(5) is not working.

    @andybtsn cheers - i am on steam but i play fifa on PS4 not PC so couldnt play games etc. will add you anyway.

    @TheFirstKlutz glad to know im not the only one! Thankfully i didnt fall that far but probably only by virtue of having a super team!
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